Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wildlife Trees

Wandering around the many trails and public footpaths in the greater Victoria BC area, means that it's likely you'll come across a "Wildlife Tree."The one on the left is on the grounds of Government House, while the one on the right is in Mt. Douglas Park.
They are actually the remains of trees that have died but are still standing and provide a wonderful natural habitat for the forest's denizens. The warning sign reads: "Wildlife Tree: Saved for food shelter and nesting – do not cut or disturb!"
Formed in 1985, the Wildlife Tree Committee (WTC) is a multi-agency committee composed of representatives from the provincial Ministry of Forests and Range, and Ministry of Environment, the B.C. Workers’ Compensation Board, industry and labour, and public interest groups from across British Columbia.

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  1. Hey - great site. I hope the Wildlife Tree Comm'ee feels equally enthusiastic about not "cutting and disturbing" the live trees. Forest preservation urban and wild certainly needs a multi-agency committee.
    Barbara at Treewatch Victoria