Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Garage Sale-A Lesson Learned

After weeks of purging, from attic to basement, I recently held a garage sale. Once the sale was over it was time to count the proceeds. While emptying my pockets of collected coins and bills, I discovered half a ten dollar bill. My initial reaction was to search for the other half thinking that it had probably been folded so often that it had weakened and fallen apart. I searched but didn't find the other half. It took me a while to realize what had actually happened. Someone had given me that half bill in payment. I am glad that deceit was not my first assumption. I am trusting and want to stay that way, but everything that happens has an effect and I have been trying to understand what this has taught me. I found a helpful quote.

Master Kan speaking to Grasshopper in the Kung Fu TV series:
Those who deny evil in man remain weak and defenseless.
Deal with evil through strength - but affirm the good in man through trust.
In this way, we prepare for Evil, but we encourage Good.

So I will continue to be trusting and I suppose somewhat naive, but when given a folded bill in the future, I trust I will always unfold it.

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