Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blooming Victoria BC

Victoria has always been quite smug about having the best weather in Canada. However this year, Nature has outdone itself. Record-breaking weather conditions in early 2010 have produced a record for the 34th Annual Victoria Flower Count.
According to flower count spokesperson Graham Bell, there were 21,691,666,716 blooms counted in Greater Victoria between Feb. 25 and March 4. That number smashes the old record of 8.5 billion blooms set in 2002. It also means that there are enough flowers to give every man, woman, and child in Canada a bouquet of 650 flowers.
The annual flower count is seen as a fun way to promote tourism in this "City of Gardens."


  1. Yes you have had remarkable weather or so I have heard. LOL... hope it is that nice in october.

  2. I grew up in Victoria and this blog reminds me why the island is so superior to the mainland! Thanks for sharing!