Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery has become as much a garden park as a cemetery. It relies on the dedication of its caretakers and volunteers like The Old Cemeteries Society to conduct cleaning and restoration of graves on a regular basis.

Recently, The Old Cemeteries Society placed grave site markers in the extreme south east corner of the cemetery where there was an informal path cutting through an apparently unused portion of the cemetery. This was done as a reminder to people visiting the park that, although there may appear to be unused areas on the grounds, in fact the cemetery is quite full. So, where pathways have been created by the cemetery's many visitors, they often trace a course over unmarked grave sites.

According to the Society's President Wilf Bruch, it is hoped that eventually the grounds will be restored to that of a traditional gated cemetery rather than as it is now - an open park-like setting.

More information about Ross Bay Cemetery can be found by visiting its website: http://www.oldcem.bc.ca/

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