Thursday, November 4, 2010

Topping the steeple - Update

After almost a year, the church of St. Jean Baptiste steeple (topic of the previous post) is finally getting its new cross.
The new copper cross begins its journey to the steeple top.
It's placed onto the new supporting structure.
Oooops! The cross is facing the wrong way!
Rotating it won't work due to the orientation of the hexagon base.
A review of the engineer's drawings shows that the orientation of the cross was not clearly specified.Ouch! The cross will not be erected today. A fix will certainly need to be worked out.


A bit of overnight "tin-bashing" has re-oriented the cross relative to its base. Compare this image with the first one in this post to see what was done.
Problem solved. The new cross is finally in place and facing the right direction.

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