Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving house

At the junction of Richmond, Gonzales, and Despard Avenues sits a modest 1930s Art Deco home. But, at the beginning of February trucks and workers began to show up.At first we thought the house was going to be demolished to make way for a new home. Not so unusual in this part of Victoria. But when we saw the large iron beams being put into place it began to appear as if the home would be raised instead. Perhaps to build a high ceiling basement.Then a sign appeared in the window - this house was to be saved and moved to a new location - Point Roberts in the U.S.A.Last night, February 9th, the final preparations were made and the house began its journey to a storage facility in Swartz Bay where it will stay until the property in Point Roberts is ready to receive it.


  1. I am glad this house was saved! Rather nice looking one, too. As one unfamiliar with this neighborhood, are the older houses being replaced?

  2. Many of the older houses sit on very large properties which can easily be divided to allow for several homes. And given the high cost of land in Victoria, there is a great interest in developing these properties while trying to preserve - by relocating - houses that have some historical or architectural interest. For example, our house (built in 1926) was moved from its original to its present location to preserve it when the property where it was originally located was slated for the development of townhouses.