Saturday, February 7, 2009


On our daily rambles we often see examples of what we refer to as "considerations" (we also see examples of inconsiderations but prefer to remain positive). These examples take many forms and some cannot be illustrated with a drawing or a photograph – for example, walking single file when passing oncoming walkers, picking up after your dog, taking your trash to the nearest receptacle – but we will document the ones that we can, and will be posting them from time to time in this blog. In our first photograph we have chosen a lost pair of leather gloves, left in an Oak Bay Avenue hardware store. They were placed in the store's window, with a note saying "Help, I'm Lost! Looking For my Owner" so that perhaps the owner might see them in the window and claim them. Now that is considerate.[Update. Today, Feb 10, we noticed that the gloves are no longer in the store's window. Happily, their owner has retrieved them.]

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