Monday, February 16, 2009


Many cities that border on bodies of water will remind citizens about where street drains will eventually lead. In Victoria BC, those drains are identified with a small badge featuring a purple starfish and the potentially misunderstood text "City of Victoria Drains To Ocean":Vancouver BC, on the other hand, uses a somewhat graffitish approach with an iconic yellow salmon silhouette leaving the viewer to extract the meaning - "Yellow fish live in here" perhaps?:San Francisco CA, takes a much more direct, no-nonsense, approach with a stern "No Dumping" warning, moderated by a dash of poetry "Only Rain Down The Drain" and, if all that has failed, finishing off with a crab invoking the reader to rat out an offender with a: "Report Pollution 695-2020":

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  1. We have nothing here to markeed that here in Halifax where the sewer drains...we need that here in Halifax.