Monday, February 2, 2009

What's in a name?

We often get stopped by tourists who think they've lost their way because the street name that they were told to follow has mysteriously changed names. Are they still on the same road or have they accidently made a wrong turn?
Usually, it's just a question of the road remaining the same but the name itself that keeps changing. Here is a typical example. We traced the street name changes going along one road, keeping the water to the right and not making any turns off the road. We arbitrarily started at the intersection of Belleville St and Government St. in downtown Victoria and headed east along a popular tourist route.
Belleville St. becomes Pendray St. which becomes Quebec St. which becomes Montreal St. which becomes Kingston St. which becomes St. Lawrence St. which becomes Dallas Rd. which becomes Hollywood Crescent which becomes Robertson St. which becomes Crescent Rd. which becomes King George Terrace which becomes Beach Dr. which becomes Cadboro Bay Rd.
It's an "English" thing we've been told.

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